Victorian punishments

Victorian Punishment Horse

Victorian Punishment Horse

If you haven’t figured it out, I have supreme adoration for spankings of most kinds. This particular image I enjoy because I also have a bent towards those thing Victorian. This is a traditional punishment tool for kids and maids alike: nowadays a spanking bench. It’s a great way to see that they have the skin of their butt smoothed and stretched (hurts more this way, yet they are comfortably laid atop the stool, and you have access to all the ‘bits’. They used to strap your feet dow so you wouldn’t kick: I don’t like that addition, as I am in fact, a kicker. One could easily be bent over in this position for a good length of time, I know first hand.

Enema and Douche Set from 1850

Enema and Douche Set from 1850

But, more importantly to this particular subject: it’s a good, yet difficult position for receiving an enema! You’re on your tummy which is often a good position for people, except that your body weight is bearing down on your tummy and chest so as you fill, it’ll be more and more difficult. I’m thinking baby boy is going to get one of these next time he’s bad! And it just so happen I have one in my home! *evil grin*

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