Enema book makes it to #1

True Enema Stories, Volume 1 has recently reached #1 in sales on Amazon in two Kindle categories. That’s wonderful to know there are so many out there that are interested in enema erotica!

I wonder if this has anything to do with the ability to order a book without having the concern of someone seeing a tangible book with the word “enema” on it? Similar to the skyrocketing of porn sales since the internet allows us to view it without having to find an appropriate place to put the DVD or VHS when the in-laws visit!

Product Description: Every relationship appears: husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, parent/child, cousins, doctor or nurse/patient, and of course jailers and unhappy prisoners in reformatories and jails. And all sorts of emotions, sometimes conflicting: pain and pleasure, submission and dominance, and of course sexual excitement and awakening.

In Girl’s Reform School Enemas, a teenage girl endures harsh clean–outs. In My Barium Enema, a teenage boy receives enemas in front of his mother and a nurse he calls “Miss Denmark.” In My Cousin’s Enema Punishment, a young man finds himself in charge of his beautiful cousin. In Girl’s Sigmoidoscopy, the writer endures enemas and a medical procedure in front of her adored big brother. Nurse’s Barium Enema Prep offers a nurse’s experiences and emotions both receiving and giving enemas. Young Man Gives Enemas to his Sisters describes surprising child–raising practices. In Pleasant Enemas, a man describes receiving and giving enemas. Sorority Initiation should give pause to any college freshman considering joining a sorority or fraternity. In Bratty Girlfriend’s Rectal Exam a misbehaving girlfriend gets a comeuppance. Jimmy’s Enema has a teenage boy treated by his mom and cousin. In The Chinese Herbalist, a young man gets an interesting treatment from a 90 year–old healer and his medical assistant—his beautiful, medically–precocious great–great–grand–daughter. And much, much more.




  1. Sally R. Said:

    I have this book. I hope they also bring it out as a physical book.

    I used to look at my boyfriend’s Penthouse, hoping for reader letters about enemas (and spankings too, for that matter). I like the writing in this book more, because the accounts ring true, while some of the Penthouse stuff sounded like malarkey.

    Another reason is that the editor here seems to have really cleaned up the writing without losing the truth of it. I wondered if he actually contacted some writers, got a little more info to fill in and clean up the details.

    If you get it, jump to the last story, about the Chinese herbalist. It’s the best story combining enemas, eroticism, duress, and humiliation I have ever read.

  2. Mike Samson Said:

    I got the book. They don’t seem to be doing much about seeking reviews, so I suspect some of their sales must be word of mouth. It’s a very good collection. It reads as if the editor, Lord bless him, did just enough work to make the stories wonderful reading while sticking to the original true account letters that he had collected. Many of the stories were turnons for me, some were tremendous turnons. Although one of my strong favorites is situations where there is some dominance and coercion, like a jail, I was also taken by the last story. And that one was not only the best enema story I ever read, but the best medical fetish story, and one of the best short stories of any genre I’ve ever read.

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