Erotic Enema Tales: eBook

Have you read this eBook? Erotic Enema Tales If you do, please come back to give us a review of what’s ‘inside”

Paul Damas rounds-out his repitore’ of erotic tales from his initial “Mark’s Story” and the sizzling menage-a-trois / incest / teen seduction sequel “Jeremy’s Story” with this 90-page compilation of Erotic Enema Tales. If you are curious about or already into “water-sport”, you will love this collection of short stories compiled from various sources by the talented Paul Damas. The scenarios described are tales from the real-life experiences of over a dozen people who “confessed” their erotic pleasures at the end of an enema nozzle. Some stories ars short and to-the-point; others involve elaborate schemes, plots, and various situations that make the collection as diverse as it is interesting and provocative.

Enema-play is not only erotic; it can inject a new dimension of variety into a sexual relationship. The administration of enemas is not as straight-forward as one might think… as anyone who has read “Mark’s Story” or “Jeremy’s Story” knows. The “play” offers the opportunity for a wide variety of sexual fantasies to be played out, and this book will give you ideas you may never have thought of before.Erotic Enema TalesE

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