Big Belly

I’m shy–but most don’t see that until they get to know me well enough to recognize and pick up on a few things. I have an entire network set up around myself to hide that I’m shy…including friends, family, clothing, items, etc. I didn’t want to be that shy girl forever, so instead of fixing whatever issue is there, I learned to work around it and keep deflectors up.

That all being said, it’s pretty difficult to actually rattle me, especially when it comes to humiliation! (I’m not shy because of self esteem, but because I prefer to see all of the action: which you clearly cannot do when you’re in the middle of everything.)  I don’t get hung up on much of anything. Yet my weakest point is in the age play realm–I often let my fence down which is great, but leaves me more vulnerable. Which of course, paints a target for when and where to catch me off guard.

Well, one day about 5 years ago I was put in little pink knickers and a nightie shirt, teddy bear in hand. I dropped: hard. And the, I couldn’t get out! It scared the hell out of me.  But, I practiced, I played, I screwed up, I learned.

Suddenly, there was Daddy.  We had a shared enema fetish and he began to play with both of these areas from the start. His little girl being kept healthy and clean by Daddy. Oh wait…his little girl getting punished with water. Uhoh, his little girl being put in terribly awkward situations with enemas.

And then it came: the biggest humiliation for me up until that point.

“Oh wow honey, look at how big your belly is! Daddy got his little girl knocked up!” as he rubbed the round tummy filled to the brim with warm soapy water.

My eyes grew big and round, my jaw dropped, tears formed, and for once I was speechless.

Let me list just some of the highlights of why this shook me. Lessons I took in while growing up (NOT that I was necessarily taught these things)

  • It is NOT okay to get pregnant young
  • Getting pregnant when you’re young means you’re stupid
  • Modern day women shouldn’t want to pop out babies
  • Once you have babies you’re trapped
  • When you become a Mother you stop caring about anything but them

All these real emotions I never connected before, were suddenly viewed in “connect the dot” format and I got freaked.  Needless to say, it took a bit of untangling, and some analyzing.

And now….  Well, Daddy has me walking up to him, pushing out my belly and rubbing it at though I’m pregnant. Why? Very simple: I gets him hard! And I like it when he’s hard, cause then I get what I want (with protection of course).

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