Enema Festival 2009

Efest West

Efest West

I was proud to be a part of, and hope to help with another in 2011

August 21 – 23, 2009
What is Efest West?

Efest is an enema-centric event where people can meet others with similar interests to socilize, learn and play. It is a fun filled weekend full of discussions, socials, parties, classes and other medical fetish demonstrations.

Due to the growing enema community on the West coast, Edges is pleased to host Efest West, the first enema festival weekend on the West coast. As always, this event will maintain our core goals of striving to educate our community about safe and consentual kink play while still being fun and enjoyable.

Efest West is a private and discrete event created for those that enjoy alternative sexual play. It is a safe and secure environment to meet others with similar fetishes and engage in play.

The theme of 2009 Efest West is “Bridging Gaps” within our community which includes age differenences, fetish interests and style of play. In an attempt to conquer this, we are presenting classes that include other kink and fetish interests such as age play, sounds, historical role play and medical bondage.


  1. Naughtydoc Said:

    Love you blog! Love the pictures,! Love the history! You sound a lot like this hot girl I know. She is like a sister to me…a very kinky sister! Have a great week, and hope to see you @ efest west 2009!


  2. Turner Hobgin Said:

    My focus has been for years on the administration of very slow, and very very warm and deep, full repeated enemas to the anally erotic, submissive woman who needs it on a regular basis. My treatments are typically in the medical/clinical context….and you?

    I have enjoyed your comments and recollections on your blog. Can you message me on yahoo IM at t242_99?

    Turner Hobgin

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