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Sybian Enema

Erotica Contributed by a Fan:

Perhabs You would enjoy a bit of kinky stimulation! I have managed to move for a few weeks in other quarters, its an old french art deco villa from a friend  who is participating in the london -singapore rally and i have a surprise for You: just come along, in 15 minutes we will be there.
Entering this beautiful place,  held mostly in white, with exception of the many old enamel signs and some  very good artifacts like beautiful sculptures of nude females with well proportined rears and on the walls black and white photographs of Ladies shown with atractive backsides. (one of Your was there too) Put Your coat onto the white leather couch and follow me, Along the coridor with its glasroof to the imensely large bathroom. All is tiled in white with art deco elements on the upper rand. There is a marble tub, a bidet, a massage table in black leather and seperately a toilet, the whole floor is covered with a enormous large black latex sheet, but it is not even, in the center it lifts up about 1 1/2 foot like a mountain in a rather flat area.
Obviously something is underneath, but what? You go to the side and undressed, placing Your clothes on the massage table and what must i see?? You naughty wanton, there You are wearing black stockings fastened to a black latex corselet and You wear a glove leather bra which pushes your breasts up and ends under Your nipples.
Naughty!!  Out of this mountain there are 2 prongs sticking out of the latexsheet and on the side is a small white table with castors, on the table latexgloves, some surgical spreaders, some metallsyringes and a glas syringe with some strange mass in it, the plungerhandle sticks all the way out, further more a Vaginal douch-syringe with a rubbernozzle which has extraordinary many holes in it.

I help You near this strange set-up watching You and noticing Your delicate outfit. Please place Your hands on this object (and as You do so You notice that the 2 prongs are dildos) i take the syringe from the table and with your body in this position where your beautifull rear encased on the top from the arch of the corselet and on the sides from the long garters leading to your stockingtops. I insert the the soft tube which i had stuck to the nozzle, slowly into your butt, after a while shove it further up and start pressing the plunger, during this i slowly slide the tube out of your rear and by the time the syringe is empty, the tube is out of Your rear end. Now Your colon is almost full with KJ-jelly, Now i reach for the Vaginal Syringe, please spread Your legs a bit apart and holding the syringe i reach from behind between Your legs and insert the nozzle in Your Vagina, Quit deep, and start to squizze, You feel the cool jelly entering your innerts and after the bulb is squizzed out i pull the nozzle out.
Perhabs it was a bit too much, since i notice that some of it is leaking out of You. Now please strattle this strange seat and while You lower Your body i guide one dildo in Your vagina and the other into Your anus. Sit comfortable.
You rest Your hands on the forward end of this strange seat by now You see on the other end of the bathroom a IV stand with a large Glas-irrigation-jar there must be at least 1 gallon in it. Whou what is this??  The dildos in Your vagina and anus start to vibrate and at the same time You feel liquid entering Your colon. You start breathing a bit deeper and slower and enjoy the sensational feeling, at the same time asking Yourself how long You can endure this horse on which You sit. I increases the speed of the vibration and i see Your far-away-look in Your face, I increase the speed more and open the flow of the tubing to your behind.
3Quarts You have now in Your bowels and due to the vibration i am shure the water is well into your transvers colon. Suddenly Your breathing gets faster and faster Your body starts to shudder and You loose control of Your sphincter, the liquid is gushing out of You.   Down the latex mountain and collecting in small lakes in the latexsheeting.  I help You up to the toilet, where You will get rid of the first flood, after i place You in the tub and while i direct a warm stream from the shower onto your back, You may spread your legs and let the remains runn into the tub. After i towel You dry, You may lay on the massage table and rest wraped into a nice black silk bathgown. In your head you asked “what was this?? and later i will tell You: You have been fucked by a sybian, which i have converted to give a high enema at the same time. Liked Your Treatment???